Waste360 Recycling Programme

Waste360 is there for you to support you in your next step in protecting our environment, by redefining how we see waste. Join Us!

How it works

You/your facility send the required details by filling the relevant form.

We send our collection truck to collect polythene from your doorstep.

We offer garbage bags, made using the recycled material from your facility, at a discounted price.

Start polythene recycling from your home!

Handover empty, dry and clean polythene waste to us!

We’ll be collecting your polythene waste FOC and offering garbage bags made from recycled material at a discounted price.

Looking to dispose your industrial polythene waste?


Educating staff on collection of recycled items

Waste collection from premises on a weekly /fortnightly /monthly basis

Recycling waste collected from your organization

Public disclosure on amount of waste recycled on a monthly/quartley basis

Annual certification acknowledging the amount of polythene recycled

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the plastic bags are recyclable?

Generally, if plastic film stretches when you pull it with your fingers, it should be recyclable.

Can I handover other type of waste to Waste360 collection agent?

No, we collect polythene waste that is recyclable only.

How can I buy garbage bags made from recycled material?

You can purchase them through the store in our website.

What are the plastic types that Waste360 recycle?

HDPE(High-density polyethelene) and LDPE(Low-density polyethelene)

What should you DO before handing over polythene waste?

  • Empty the bags/wraps.
  • If contaminated, wash and clean them.
  • If mixed with water, dry them.
  • Remove tags, stickers if possible and leave only the polythene.
  • Pack polythene waste in a garbage bag and handover to our agent.


What should you NOT DO before handing over polythene waste?

  • Do not send polythene waste with leftovers, food etc.
  • Do not send contaminated polythene with foodwaste, oil etc.
  • Do not handover any other types of waste other than what can be recycled.
  • Laminated polythene bags/covers cannot be recycled. Hence, do not include them. (Eg: shampoo packets, soyameat packets, instant noodles packets, biscuit packets, samahan packets)